The Bachelor of Divinity is a four year course which equips a candidate for pastoral ministry and ordination. Those who do not seek ordination can use the degree for NGO related work and other social work. Even though UTC comes under the Senate of Serampore the BD course is autonomous. Candidates interested should apply after their degree fulfilling all the requisite things mentioned in the application and before the prescribed date. The procedure for admission is both written and oral entrance test along with personal interview in January every year.


The Master of Theology course is a two year course under the Senate of Serampore. This equips a candidate for teaching ministry and is offered under various departments like Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, Ethics, Counselling, Missiology, Women’s Studies and Communication. Candidates who have completed their BD and who have the minimum prescribed marks should apply and they will be called for a written entrance and interview.


Doctor of Theology is a research programme under the Senate of Serampore. Candidates who have completed their MTh with minimum marks and who have teaching experience can apply to the departments offering DTh. The Senate of Serampore has a Common Entrance Test which the candidate has to write and pass. Apart from this UTC also has its own test. Departments offering will advertise earlier. The minimum period of the residential programme is three years and maximum seven.


Diploma in Pastoral Counselling is offered by the Counselling Department. It is a one year diploma which equips candidates in Counselling skills. Candidates have to appear for an interview mostly conducted in April every year. The course is advertised every year.


Diploma in Women’s Studies is a one year diploma offered by the Women’s Studies department. It equips candidates with the latest trends and research in Women’s Studies.