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M.G Hostel

 Model  Plan

The UTC Centenary Mahatma Gandhi Hostel and Quarters is a project of the college which was conceived for the centenary of the college in 2010. The demolition of the old Mahatma Gandhi hostel last year due to the weakness in the structure build decades ago has made this very urgent and important for UTC to function properly. The project will cost atleast 7 crore rupees (this is because of the rising cost of material and any delay in construction). The work is progressing but the college is in urgent need of funds. The principal, faculty, staff and students make an appeal to alumni, well wishers, friends, former staff, churches and all those who have been associated with UTC in anyway to remember the college in your prayers and contribute generously towards the hostel building fund.

The present construction has also lead to less accomodation being on offer for students and it has affected the in take of students and the facilities on offer to them. The ecumenical nature of the college has always been a place for candidates from different denominations to come together and study together. The churches have benefited from the candidates trained and equipped from UTC. This plea goes out to all as a means to participate in the continuing mission of UTC and the churches that it serves.

All room and hall sponsorships will be mentioned at the entrance of the room/hall and all contributions above Rs 50,000 will be mentioned in the building itself at an appropriate and visible place.



Sl no.


Approximate cost of one unit

Total cost

1. Single rooms (290 sft, 24 units) Rs 3,50,000/- Rs 84,00,000/-
2. Studio apartments (460 sft, 18 units) Rs 9,00,000/- Rs 162,00,000/-
3. MTh Family quarters (840 sft, 6 units) Rs 15,00,000/- Rs 90,00,000/-
4. Dining hall (2600 sft) Rs 65,00,000/- Rs 65,00,000/-
5. Kitchen (930 sft) Rs 25,00,000/- Rs 25,00,000/-
6. Outdoor dining (560 sft) Rs 8,00,000/- Rs 8,00,000/-
7. Toilet block in hostel (180 sft, 3) Rs 6,00,000/- Rs 18,00,000/-
8. Kitchenette+ dry wash in hostel (180 sft, 3) Rs 4,00,000/- Rs 12,00,000/-
9. Staircases, lobby, etc. Rs 15,00,000/- Rs 60,00,000/-
10. Lobbies+ corridors   Rs 30,00,000/-
11. Entrance area+ porch   Rs 10,00,000/-
    Total Rs 569,00,000/-
12. Wardrobes+ kitchen cabinets Rs 25,00,000/- Rs 25,00,000/-
13. Lifts (2) Rs 25,00,000/- Rs 25,00,000/-


You can send your contributions by cheque/draft to the United Theological College, 63 Miller's Road, Benson Town, Bangalore- 560046 in the name of the "United Theological College, Bangalore" or credit your amount to the Canara bank account numbers below.

Local account number, Canara Bank (contributions from within India only) - 0429101003275.

Foreign contribution account number, Canara Bank (contributions from outside India only) - 0429101006260.

IFSC bank code

(Please inform us by phone at +91-080-23332844 (Principal) and 23333438, 23330502 (General), 91-80-23330015 (fax) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to know more, want to contribute or have credited money to the accounts mentioned.)

UTC Souvenir

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The United Theological College is a 103 year old Christian institution. It trains future pastors, priests and leaders of the church in India. UTC is ecumenical and is represented by various dioceses and sections of the CSI, CNI, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist,  Lutheran, Marthoma, Syrian Orthodox churches in India and by the National Council of YMCA's of India, Danmission, Evangelical Lutheran Mission (ELM), Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS), Trustees of the Jaffna College Funds and United Church of Christ and Disciples of Christ, USA.

A recent & urgent crisis

The Students’ Hostel building was recently found to be in danger of collapse and has been demolished. The Student Quarters is currently being rebuilt at the estimated cost of approx. 7 Crores. The first phase of the proposed building has been completed. However, the building of the second and third phase needs huge financial support.

Why support UTC?

India’s rapid changes make the need for UTC’s distinctive role greater than ever.

  1. UTC’s motto “Not to be served, but to serve” has challenged and encouraged generations of pastors and leaders of the church who have passed through the portals of this esteemed institution. The mission and vision of UTC to proclaim the Gospel through word and deed has continued unflinchingly for over a century.
  2. Congregations across India are in need of trained pastors/priests who can work in rural and urban congregations and minister to people based on the gospel of Jesus Christ. A highly competent ministry is a more urgent priority than ever. (Enrolled at UTC in 2012: Master’s Courses - 60 students; Doctoral Students - 25; For BD-80-90 students).
  3. UTC looks for increased inclusiveness of attitude and action, as ways of engaging with other communities are constantly worked out.

Therefore, the added facility would facilitate training more number of pastors and teachers to equip the Church in its mission in India and abroad.

For this the college has decided to bring out a souvenir for the building project. The souvenir will have scholarly articles from reputed faculty members of different theological colleges, church leaders and lay people both women and men. Advertisement tariffs for the souvenir are

Back Cover : Rs 100,000 (One Lakh)
Back Inside (Front Flap) : Rs 75,000
Back Inside : Rs 60,000
Back Inside (Back Flap) : Rs 50,000
Front Inside (Front Flap) : Rs 75,000
Front Inside : Rs 60,000
Front Inside (Back Flap) : Rs 50,000
Full page (gloss) : Rs 40,000
Full page (colour) : Rs 25,000
Half page (colour) : Rs 15,000
Full page (B&W) : Rs 10,000
Half page (B&W) : Rs 6,000
Compliments from Alumni (Passport Photo): Rs 3,000
Compliments (General) : Rs 2,000

The UTC alumni is requested to help and support in the publishing of the souvenir. You can help by giving advertisements of churches or institutions you are working in or by making a personal contribution as an alumni. Friends of the college and those associated with the college in anyway can also take this opportunity of helping the college and making your institution known to a wide audience all over the world.

You can register your interest with us by writing to

The Convener
Souvenir Committee
The United Theological College
63, Miller’s Road, Benson Town, Bangalore-560 046
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can send your contributions to the college in this format

I/We herewith enclose Cheque/DD No __________________ Drawn in favour of The United Theological College, Bangalore. Name of the Bank_________________________________ for Rs _______________ (In Words)__________________

The Souvenir would reach a wide demographic base including college students (18-25), graduate students (25-40), alumni (30-85) and partner churches and institutions in India and across the wider ecumenical world. In addition, partner institutions will also receive copies of the Souvenir. The opportunity to introduce your services to a vast audience is certainly appealing and we ask you to consider advertising with us.

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